What is a landscape?

What is a landscape?

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment”

Ansel Adams

Photographing the landscape is either very easy or very difficult. Which part of the previous sentence is true? It depends. When photographing landscapes during Sunday walks, from vantage points on the designated trails, or cruise the window coaches – it is of course easy.


I have problems with the way the shooting start when comparing the captured images with the images stored in my memory. On a computer monitor or printed prints I see mountains, forests, sea, sky, clouds. Exactly as they were. But they do not cause any emotion. I do not feel the space, does not see the power of the mountains, nothing was out of the depths of the sea.



The best way to improve my photos is – in my opinion – is to try to understand how others photographers came to their results. I do not mean, of course, copying someone else’s style, but with a ” watch and understand.”, and spread them on the factors – when it was made, what lens with which, the shutter speed.



Composition of images is the ability to properly show the main theme of photography. This way of thinking forces the two things to remember about the classical sense of the composition and realize what is important in a picture that just do.

Photographed landscape works for us, not only through the sense of vision. I Take note not only by view, but as well by the air temperature, smells, wind, hear the sounds, unfortunately camera only records a flat, two-dimensional image. Photocomposition is a process that has lead us to frame the best handing our impressions.


Ansel Adams 


(photo anseladams.com)


Eliot Porter – Fighting against the artistic standard of his peers, Porter was the first notable photographer to use color throughout his work. 


(phot cartermuseum.org)


Peter Lik – With one of the strongest international reputations in the photography industry,




Galen Rowell – Another strong conservationist, Rowell got his start working on pieces for National Geographic. He looked at landscape photography as an adventure and would even take to rocclimbing to get the shot he was after


(photo  mountainlight.com)


David Muench – Following in the footsteps of his father, Muench became a published landscape photographer before he was even done high school.    


(photo davidmuenchphotography.com)

Information from the webhttp://www.elementem.com/blogs/escapes/8322429-5-notable-landscape-photographers



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