assignment 2

assignment 2


ssignment 2
political aspect of history in photograph

” While photographs april not lie, liars a small photograph . ” – Lewis Hine

Most press photographers could be called ‘ hyenas ‘ , people without emotions , who are willing to do anything to make them ‘ big ‘ shot . Meanwhile , history has many photographers who would have contributed Their work is great Reforms and changes in our society One of these people was undoubtedly an American , Lewis Hine . His photographic stories have had a huge impact on changes in the law ref, one of his projects focused on child labor and one outcome was to change the minimum age from Which children can start working.
Lewis Wickes Hine is Considered one of the most respected American photographers of the twentieth century . My presentation will be about his best known works including portraits of immigrants at Ellis Island, pictures of children working in factories and mines and recording the acrobatic feats of builders constructing the Empire State Building in New York City







Despite the huge success he has achieved in his work Lewis Hine,  came to the end of his life struggling with poverty. Over the years has become something of a well-known to all of us artists whose outstanding work and achievements were recognized only after his death. Hine today is recognized as an outstanding specialist in social photography.


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