What is a portrait ?

Since the dawn of history portrayed , first in sculpture, painting then , and today with the camera . What is a portrait ? It seems that it must present a human face , presenting a one-man surroundings. We can make a psychological portrait showing anger , joy , sadness and what the most difficult – the soul . If you want to specialize in portraits , whether it is important to know the definition of a portrait , or more important to know what you are doing and what is the work done ?

What is a portrait ?
in this lecture, we asked ourselves what is the portrait ,

– Portraiture depicts a person
– Portraiture can capture the ‘ essence ‘ of a person
– Not just a person – For example , animals
– A photograph / image / painting of a singular person or a group of people
– Can be staged or natural
– Can represent a person
Where do we find them ?
– In portfolios
– Galleries
– Publications dry as newspapers and magazines
– Books
– Advertising and promotional materials
– Family albums
– IDs – other forms of identifications dry as passports , student cards

I general, would not focus on the geometry, as the most important element in the art of portraiture, but rather on the mood and the presentation of the intended image of the subject. So it becomes important to capture facial expressions. 

I found an interesting publications
, Alchemy of Portrait,

How to capture the personality and uniqueness of your subjects?
How to build trust between the photographer and model?
How to use light to give the mood of the moment and the atmosphere of intimacy?


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