American West

American West – in this lecture I became interested in the work of Dorothea Lange
American photographer, known primarily from photographs documenting the situation of American society during the Great Depression in the ’30s The twentieth century. Her most famous photograph is “Migrant Mother” In one photo, she managed to include all human dramas of the Great Depression.


  I also drew attention to the work of Edward Sheriff Curtis


Curtis, visiting 80 Indian tribes, took more than 40 000 pictures. In the introduction to his book he wrote: “We need to gather information about the life of one of the greatest races of the human species now, the last chance will be lost.”

In reference to this lecture


Richard Avedon “In the American West” from 1985 , a collection of portraits of ordinary Americans , which can not be seen from the perspective of New York salons . Tired , resigned , imperfect , but confident. These people show the result of the voracious consumerism of American 80s – commentary on the tale of the American dream.

Avedon visited nearly 200 locations in America, he was using a large format camera and photographed on a white backgroun



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