May favorite book

The back cover has an embossed quote taken from a handwritten note on page eighty- three .


This is my favorite Alec Soth book
In addition to the photographs in Soth ‘s notebook contains pages at the end of the book .
The exterior cover itself is a lovely , faux -leather type material That adds to the Niagara seediness

Alec Soth (1969) – American photographer of the significant achievements of individual and group exhibitions devoted to such projects as Sleeping by the Mississippi , Niagara Falls or Broken Manual.
His photographs show the community and landscape areas of American suburbs. Soth is a member of Magnum Photos and the founder of the publishing house Little Brown Mushroom.

” Alec Soth has created a photographic career out of finding chemistry with strangers . On his frequent road trips through America, he’s drawn are loners and dreamers he spots from his car , sometimes he will do several pass- bys before striking up a conversation . Often that will lead to a portrait session with his large- format 8 -by -10 view camera . ” – Hilarie M. Sheets ( Trolling for Strangers is Befriending ) & # t = 41


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