Assignment 1

Assignment 1

after completion of work on the presentation for the project – Lewis Hine

I started my research on the new task…

,,Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure That you are a part of ?,,

I do not know yet what will be the theme of my work, but certainly it will be associated with the community and its culture.

I began my research into consideration on how we perceive different community and  different lifestyle,  how we should live , what to do , where to live , what to eat . Thinking about it I wonder on reflection on England  because as an immigrant I have a different perspective on the country than the people who live here for generations.

When I lived in Poland for sure my Polish society build its  my image and opinions on England , this picture turned out to be very untrue because was based on stereotypes and not my own experiences .

Stereotypes about England usually refer to cups of tea , fish and chips , rainy weather and endless queues. It is , however, much more things to learn on this famous island.

  • In each country, the most important are its inhabitants . Generally speaking , England is a very cultured and politically correct nation in which it is important to not offend anyone . In England there is a clear division between the north and south of the country .
  • The surprise for me was the facts that everyone politely stand in line for the bus
  • In conversations English are often reticent and aloof , so as not to violate anyone’s privacy. They avoid questions about age, weight , occupation or marital status. The most common topic of conversation starter is of course the weather .
  • If the first picture of what came to mind was the rain – it does not surprise us ! The biggest stereotype about the English weather , however, is a bit exaggerated. Temperatures here are generally very average – not too high and not too low and the rains usually occur in spring and autumn . True to stereotype is, however, variable nature of the English weather – one day can be sunny , and the next snow fall !
  • The thought of English food comes to mind most often fried breakfast and fish and chips – not without reason! But we can not forget that England is an enormous mix of cultures and food available (from roast the curry ) definitely reflect this . . When it comes to drinks , this English  are very proud of his tea (usually with milk and sugar ) and alcohol – especially beer or  cider.

England is famous for its humor – sarcastic and pointed at each other ! The English can laugh at themselves and is a great use for the purposes of comedy. Although humor is very specific  as –  Monty Python’s Flying Circus.                 Performances  monologues famous comedians are equally popular in England and attracted huge crowds . ‘ The Comedy Club’, located on Leicester Square in London , is the true cradle of talent.

My next step in the research of selected artists:

Simon Roberts (b.1974) is a British photographer based in Brighton, UK. He originally studied a BA Hons Degree in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield (1996), a subject which has informed his subsequent photographic practice. After gaining a diploma from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (1997) and a period working as a magazine photographer, Roberts has spent the past decade dedicated to long-term self-generated projects. Often employing expansive landscape photographs, his approach is one of creating wide-ranging surveys of our time, which communicate on important social, economic and political issues.

imgres-1by Simon Roberts


Martin Parr is widely acknowledged for his photographic projects that highlight, and gently satirize people and their cultures. Born in Surrey on 23 May 1952, the son of a civil servant, he was heavily influenced by his grandfather’s hobby as an amateur photographer. Parr went on to study the subject at Manchester Polytechnic (1970-73). Parr is a member of Magnum Photos, and is still one of the country’s most popular photojournalists, contributing to a wide range of printed media. He has won many awards throughout his career including the Royal Photographic Society’s Centenary Award and, in 2006, Photokina’s Eric Soloman Award for photojournalism.


Martin Parr

Martin-Parr_64  by Martin Parr

,,Featuring works drawn from the Tony Ray-Jones archive in the National Photography Collection, and rarely seen early black and white photographs by Martin Parr, this exhibition will explore the relationship between these two important photographers and their fascination with the English,,

BeachyHeadBoatTrip740 by Tony Ray-Jones 

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej is a Polish photographer, living in Cardiff, Wales. Maciej has worked on various photographic projects home and abroad – in Europe, Asia and Africa. His interests are social issues, humanitarian aid and development, and also travel and street photography. Maciej’s photos have been widely published around the world and he is a recipient of numerous awards. In February 2010, Maciej opened a photography gallery in Cardiff, called Third Floor Gallery showing exciting contemporary photography. In 2010 he was profiled among 45 leading street photographers in the “Street Photography Now” book published in the UK, France and USA. In September 2011 Maciej’s work was screened at the Visa Pour l’Image international festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France. In Autumn 2012 the British publisher Thames & Hudson will publish a book with Maciej’s photographs.

A night out in Cardiff, UK. The nightlife in Cardiff, UK. by Maciej Dakowicz


At the moment I do not know yet exactly how my work will look and what will be the main point of my photos. I decided to also browse my own photographs which I do on a daily basis walking around with a dog for a walk. I made also a few new photos in the context of UK



DSC04003 - Copy

Untitled - 12A

New Ideas

I was looking for the point at which I could to start , it was not easy there are so many issues related to the culture of English, I decided to reduce my field of searching and look for the local communities that are culturally affiliated with England .

Living on a Houseboat / Narrowboat (Documentary)
The solution I found during a Sunday walk on the Coventry canal , I watched the people living in the narrow boat , they were not too receptive to the conversation, but I managed to make friends with Katrina and her partner Alan .
The couple decided to live on a boat , the couple is expecting a child Katrina is already in 7th month of pregnancy and does not intend to change the place of residence.
Really a large problem for them is pressure from society , people do not always have a positive attitude to their decision.  It is a way of life, a  bit like gypsies or nomads, a little escape from the four walls – freedom. Life on the boat has its own charm and its negatives, but there are people who can not imagine that … under the floor, there was no water.

During my research to encounter Peggy blog, she defines herself as a writer, virtual artist but above all she calls herself a ,,narrowboat wife,,

here is a link to her blog

,,When you move aboard your boat your children will face the same challenges as you will, such as a lack of storage space, and limited electricity and water. But they will also enjoy the benefits of a way of life that is much closer to nature. My baby daughter’s first word was, “Quack!”
I told her not to use fowl language,, Posted by 

Boat Mum front deck

The Canals of England and Wales and their History

By Jeannette Briggs – 2008

,,The Canals were the “motorways” of the 18th Century. In the days when roads were un-surfaced – and especially when they quickly deteriorated in the winter to pot-holed muddy tracks – a method was sought by which large heavy cargoes of such commodities as coal, iron ore, grain, china clay, limestone and other building materials and agricultural cargoes such as grain could be transported from the regions of the UK in which they were produced to the docks in London, Liverpool, Bristol and so on. Some clever person came up with “the canal system”, by which boats with cargoes could be moved easily and relatively cheaply on water across country, by one or two people in a canal boat plus a reliable heavy horse to act as the force which propelled the canal boat along,,

A link to a set of books

Narrow boat Painting


,,Artist Jane Marshall, who draws inspiration from the tradition of painting on canal or narrow boats, demonstrates how to incorporate the specific style of narrow boat painting in to contemporary art. How to build up simple images from a template, using traditional colours and themes is clearly shown,,

Phlegm hits a canal boat

Phlegm-Canal-Boat-1 Phlegm-Canal-Boat-2byPhlegm

Terence Art work


Start Point

My project is just the beginning , the first image is not the best I have don  , the camera has locked up and I lost the roll of film . I do not know why? maybe it’s my lack of experience in working with analog camera … because another film came out very overexposed . In this connection, I decided to use the digital camera to also have additional pictures which surely will come out well .

Photo developing process turned out to be even more difficult than shooting, I spent two days in the dark and I’m not happy with the result, I have a lot of time to devote to the improvement of printing techniques. I returned  to home with plenty of failed test strips

Photo on 29-11-2013 at 04.04 #2Scan 2
On the boat is quite dark, sometimes harsh light falls there creating quite a big contrast. I writes about this because I want to emphasize that in my pictures that I took , the light has to be an expression of brightness, cleanliness , space. White Light I like to show people that the narrow boat are not that gloomy and cramped space .

Material for publication
in connection with a lecture by Carolyn Lefley
I taking inspiration from the book, and I decided to do a book project, to design my  on Book .
I took advantage of the cover, I made my own cover with newspaper which are very important for the community of people that lived on boats as a  form of information

At the end of the book I placed the diary who wrote Katrina.

I also used of white frames to add an image for more space, which is limited. I also used two frames to display my photos

Photo on 29-11-2013 at 08.18 #2 Photo on 29-11-2013 at 08.19 Photo on 29-11-2013 at 08.20


some examples of my final pictures – film camera

I asked Katrina and Alan , to draw up a short note about their daily life on the boat , because as I mentioned at the beginning I do not want to be guided  by stereotypes also asked them to add a few pictures which they did while they  living on a boat.
I think that my project is just the beginning , the next time I meet with them for a few days when they will be in my area , I will accompany them how long they will allow me to do this . I hope I can get to photograph the moments when their child comes into the world and show how they manage to  overcome pressure from the society

Quote from Katrina’s diary
Starting a family on the water ways …
We are about to start a family on the water ways and have been asked by everyone That knows us ” Where are you going to put the baby ? ”
This one of the many questions That We have been asked over the past several months including: –
• Do you have a bathroom on the boat ?
• Do you have a toilet on the boat ?
• Where do you get your water from ?
• Do you have electric ?
• Do you have heating ?
The answer to all the above questions is yes and just like a home, we have all of the amenities they need That in order to run a house hold and sustain day to day living . EC just need to move the boat in Accordance to the Water Ways rules ( usually every two weeks . ) Or pay about £ 300.00 a month to live in a marina if we could find one that was local and allowed ” live aboard ” full time .








Untitled 1o


,,When people use the saying “Size Matters” they must have been talking about boats!  Because when it comes to living on a boat “size is everything”!  The size of your boat determines what type of life style you can have by living on a boat, where you can travel, where you can moor and how much space you have to move and how much living will cost.  “When mooring in some mariners you cannot hang your washing on the line but you can stand there in your pants said Alan.” 

site that Katrina set up

Site that Alan set up ,,This is a very important link to us on Face book, we use this person for our fuel and it will be a lot during the winter months due to us being live aboard,, By Miss Katrina Slomczynski & Mr Alan Baxtere ,,This is an important site for all boat owners, it is our “Bible”.By Miss Katrina Slomczynski & Mr Alan Baxter.

Additional Pictures taken with a digital camera

DSC08018light copyDSC08085 DSC08047 DSC08006 DSC08008 DSC07971 DSC07982 DSC08013 DSC07988



I return to this project with great joy because I found out from Alan and Katrina  their son was born healthy, and now lives with his family on narrowboat, I’m going to visit them and do some pictures . Meanwhile I send pictures taken at Katrina’s mother home.


DSC09085 okcopy


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    • Thank you very much, I am so glad I found your blog, your story allowed me to expand my project, If you would like to add something then please do not hesitate to give me your opinions. I’m only at the beginning.

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