Proposal Sketchbook task B Assignment 2 Creative Digital Practice

City ​​regeneration is a very expansive subject. For this reason, at the beginning I want to find out exactly what is the concept of regeneration.


Renovation ,Reconstruction ,Regeneration, Revival, Reproduction, Retrieval. Restitution. Revaluation,

The concept of ” regeneration ” or the term ” urban renewal ” is the generic term in relation to concepts such as: rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction, restructuring, modernization, regeneration, conservation, reclamation, sanitation, repair, etc. Regeneration combines elements planning, economic development, and social, environmental and cultural heritage.

These concepts include the restoration or reconstruction must be active in the past in urban areas ( centres of old towns), heavily depreciated or even destroyed by the war or post-war devastation and demolition. Their restoration / reconstruction serves both the regeneration of these areas, and the entire town. To the actions of regeneration should also include the restructuring of brownfield sites and military sites. -Regeneration of urban renewal is the process of omnidirectional, spread out over time.

I was looking at the city Council websites their projects associated with the ​​regeneration of the City, I found issues which may be a potential subject of my work


Building control

City center management

Business investment



Environmental protection

Land and premises

Marine and waterway services

Parks and open spaces

Taking into account such expansive area of ​​urban regeneration it is difficult for me to decide what will be the theme of my work, I have to take into account who will be the main recipient of my project, for this I am not yet able to determine my final concept.


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