Christmas task

,,Photographing the Prostitutes of Italy ‘s Backroads : Google Street View vs. . Boots on the Ground ,,

During the Christmas break, my task was to read the article and reflect on different approaches to a similar subject.

Paolo Patrizi and Mishka Henner show the same teems but in quite a different context, the images have the same denominator but quite different coefficient.

Mishka Henner presented the photographs of roadside prostitutes in Spain, Italy and Romania. He looked only images available on Google Street View and chose these shots on whose can see how women are standing on the road. Then he published an album of these photographs.

The pictures are controversial for me,  I’m not sure if a woman shown in the pictures is a women employed in the sex industry.

Some photos are very clear and I have no doubt, with the other hand, other images are less clear about the topic of prostitution.

I can only admit the idea of this form of photograph is very interesting, proving that modern media can be used in a very innovative way.


Mishka Henner Photography

Photos Paolo Patrizi are blunt and brutal in comparison to photograph Mishka Henner, this is no longer the place to guess, everything is clear and rather filthy and deprived of human dignity. Paolo shows drama in which these women live their Workplaces.


Paolo Patrizi Photography

Comparing these two forms of the photograph in the context of prostitution, you can tell from the photographs that Mishka Henner shows  this is a global problem, and also implies that modern media allow its development. Paolo walked over to the subject more clearly show realistic living conditions of prostitutes and how they impact on my surrounding environment.

Christmas task part two  debate about “Born Digital”, with John Palfrey and Ethan Zuckerman

Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

Digital natives smartphone instead of rattles, the tablet in place of books Children brought up in the internet age, the inhabitants of the virtual world. I wonder if they will be programmed this world, whether they themselves will be programmed.

Born Digital explores a broad range of issues, speaks about the hazards posed by the internet for a new generation, but also reveals that progress is inevitable. Even if the older generation I can say my generation wants to stop expansions of the digital world is not able to stop him. An example of this is the children of preschool age. Everyone knows such kids – toddlers with tablets, smartphones or laptops, which themselves choose the apps, play games or watch cartoons, as freely as they play with the toy car or doll.

On the web you can find hundreds of videos recorded by enthusiastic adults, where their little ones draw, play various games on tablets – and I must admit they are going great. Often, much better than their parents, not to mention the grandparents.

Even if new technologies have not changed so much teenagers or adults and seniors, it certainly will change the children who already now better support tablets than playing with Lego blocks.


Another point, which I analysed during the Christmas break, was an article about the impact of being connected to the Internet.

Author speaks negatively about virtual communication between people and the impact of a digital world on relationships between people.

In the history of mankind we have numerous examples on continence and aversion to novelty, maybe this innate fear has us prevent from losing our humanity. I only hope that in time, the development of technology also develops man and his intelligence will not allow him to replace the real world to the unreal Matrix

New Years Resolution To Curb Digital Disturbance 

video to the theme from the website

Photos I took during Christmas

These pictures are linked to my nearest surroundings, family and friends



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