Task A – Read and Reflect

,,Digital Native’ and ‘Digital Immigrant,,

In today’s lecture, we discussed about education and its modern forms, in combination with modern technology.

People every day rely on modern technology; they use it in the workplace at home. Digital form of communication enable rapid flow of information and wide access to sources, which allows us to quickly gain knowledge.

The authors of this article explore the educational and technological reforms , they speak about what they may have advantages and negatives introduction of technology into schools.

I think the knowledge is just as important as its form of communication. Our society is so dependent upon the a digital world that we can not avoid changes in education. Whether these changes will be positive for us it is difficult to predict but certainly they are inevitable. Personally I agree, changes in education are needed schools should introduced new forms of the teaching and technology, but also they should have some limits. I have particularly in mind the issues of social education, If  we learn fro home and the lessons will be held in the kind of conferences on Skype, as students  we will lose the opportunity to develop relations between human, especially children will suffer from the lack of a social life, they grow up to be isolated units and they will not be able to function in society.

Referring to the topic I recommend this page:   What is 21st Century Education?http://www.21stcenturyschools.com/What_is_21st_Century_Education.htm


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