Google’s All Seeing Eye, task D

Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota – Health

Minneapolis is a showcase of the state of Minnesota and a true gem of the North American. The origins of “City of Lakes” dates back to the seventeenth century and are associated with the Franciscans conducting missionary activity among the Indians. Minneapolis received city rights in 1867.

The people of Minnesota have a high level of participation in the activities of outdoor, the state is classified in the first place in terms of the percentage of people who exercise regularly. Minnesota has the lowest in the country the number of premature deaths, with 3 of the smallest mortality rates among infants and the second-longest average life. According to the State Statistical Office, 91% of the population has health insurance status, the highest percentage in the country. These and other measures indicate Minnesota as the healthiest state in the U.S..

Health care is guaranteed by a comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics, the most famous is the School of Medicine at the University of Minnesota, Located in Rochester, Mayo Clinic conducts medical practices of worldwide renown. Mayo and cooperate University program state for the study on cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, obesity, and others.

Pictures taken with the google map, the area of Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota

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