research- city regeneration

In the next part of my searching at the main theme of my work, I directed my attention to the world of art and its influence on the changes in the urban area.

I wonder if the artist and his work can affect the regeneration of the city, maybe the changes that occur in the structures of the city, have an impact on their work and development. On the other hand, I’m interested in how the city is changing the influence of artists that arise new Listing Gallery, artistic associations, What are plans to expand the city takes into account the needs of artists.

To have a larger field of study, I took as my starting point of the project – the city of Bristol, because the city has been crowned European City of the Year after scooping a prestigious award from the Academy of Urbanism. For the last couple of years Bristol went through artistic make over. Most of artists are trying to leave a mark on the city walls.

Banksy started the street graffiti art to leave messages that society and government.

MShed  – Which museum in Bristol supports artists from Bristol Arnolfini, as well as where they hold open galleries.

Bohemian life of Gloucester road where you can hear live music on every corner in summer and not only. Painters are out with Their Canvases to paint in Clifton Suspension Bridge.

There are lots of independent theaters where you can see the best plays. Bristol Harbour Festival, balloon fiesta, St Paul’s carnival, Ashton Court Festival, etc. Lots and lots of galleries. Bristol has got some much potential in artistic field for that I think it will be an interesting place to do my video and photos to the project.

Interesting work of the artist:

Alexandra Lucas has painted her house with art designed and used her living room window as a shop where she sells her art Newspapers wrote about her That she had made ​​a massive artistic impact on the area where she lives. That they said she had added color to Bristol.

(Google open window shop).

profilepic   This film is for me the beginning of inspiration the subject of my work, fills some part of the issue which is the question of whether we perceive the art of the same and whether it may be for some, a positive change in appearance of the city or vandalism.

In the next stage, I decided to learn more about Banksy’s work


banksy work  copy

,,In 2007, Bristol cleared the streets of Banksy’s work, it is deemed a serious mistake. Not only because it is a world-famous artist, but because his work reaches a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In March, at an auction in London bought his work for 619 thousand. dollars. This is sufficient proof that art is different from vandalism,,

quote of  Jonathan Jones

The Guardian, 2007

Street Art Critic By Mark Holsworth

,, There is a difference between low-quality works that are often scrawl, and what does such Banksy … You have to see the difference. Police and government officials who decide on the removal of graffiti, definitely do not feel what is valuable and what is not,, quote of Helen Bingham, Keep Britain Tidy

I’m trying to figure out how far an artist can afford to self expression and their political beliefs, even in democratic countries are certain standards that reduce themes presented works of art

some examples:

Russia pursues vandalism charges over ’offensive’ anti-Putin graffiti

London UK Police chases the Olympic graffiti artists

London, the mecca of street art, turned away from graffiti. A special group of British police replaces the erased their work, arrested some of them and prohibits approaching the Olympic venues at a distance 1.5 km. It’s not just about the cleanliness of the walls in the city, but also about the restrictive law, according to which you can not use or even refer to trademarks, slogans and symbols of the Olympic Games.

The action of cleaning the city with graffiti, British newspapers have described already before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, because the work of street art has been removed, although they are a showcase of London for years. This upset not only the artists, but also their fans, because the British capital is considered a mecca of street art.


London 2012 street-art by Banksy

The most mysterious artist in the world

Banksy was born in 1974 near Bristol in the UK.  And this one sure fact in his biography.  British media reported his various personalities: Robert Banks, Robin Gunningham or Robin Banksy. The artist uses a variety of techniques – combines graffiti, stencils, stickers.  Often organizes various happenings.

His works are often overtone anti-globalization, anti-consumerist, pacifist. These contents, however, are usually communicated in a humorous way. Initially, Banksy was just one of the many anonymous artists who painted graffiti on the walls of Bristol. But the ingenuity and originality of his work made ​​him began to notice art critics and the media. As a result, he had a few exhibitions in major galleries all over the world.

Another point of my research will be the city which in my opinion are distinguished in the world of art

At beginning of my research on the influence of artists on the appearance of cities ,I wanted to mention about three cities that I want to visit.  For now I can only visit them through google maps webcam, but I hope that someday I can go there and find out about my own opinion about them.


The most famous cities in the world , full of monuments of architecture, sculpture , painting. is a huge testament to the artistic development in Europe and also the ancestral cultural heritage – the impressive achievements of mankind. Cradle of artists such as Caravaggio , Horace, Seneca, Cicero , and Virgil .

City of Rome continues to inspire many artists like this project : Ancient Aqueducts in the works of contemporary artists ,


Thirty-two architects , artists, photographers and poets were invited to participate in the exhibition presenting contemporary look of the ancient Aqueducts . Wonderful and impressive ruins, surrounded by modern buildings are characteristic of this part of the region.

Rome is the source of inspiration for artists were monumental traces of a glorious past , including the greatest engineering wonders of antiquity.

Paris – the cultural capital of the world?

Another city in which considered the birthplace of the artistic world is paris, Of course it is much younger than Rome in recent times paris is no longer a leader among artists. Formerly Paris was unique and one of a kind, certainly the city is a sign of the times, and for each artist will remain an inspiration. Today, people pay more attention to cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Buenos Aires, London, Moscow, New York.

,, Paris d’Amour,,

is a portrait of Paris and the diversity of its population revolving around a common theme: love and its social


Gerard Uferas realized this art project in which couples from different cultures, religions and social classes join in marriage (and all this against the background of Paris).

His pictures show how important is the proximity of another human being in our lives. With the presented photographs exudes happiness in love, some of them were made on the premises, some outdoors.

We observe the various stages of formalizing relationships – from the first meeting, a marriage proposal by a religious or secular wedding ceremony and the celebration in their own traditions.


New York

New York is a place where the American dream is becoming commonplace.

New York is a source of inspiration for artists of all sorts of pieces . So what can you even say about the city that never sleeps ? This task is very difficult. Surely it is the city of opportunities and new ideas and is most influenced by the artists .

3D Graffiti on the streets of New York

, , Most people tend to think of graffiti as subversive art spraypainted in the dead of night on urban walls.ome artists , however, including Edgar Mueller , Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner , defy That stereotype , painting and chalking openly on city streets and sidewalks . Beyond Merely entertaining crowds , Their work has at times even broken world records . These street art images and biographies Merely scratch the surface and begin it convey Their amazing artistic talents,,

quotation from publication – graffiti -from- around- the-world /


Painting in various street locations ,combined with symbolism of freedom, breaching prohibitions and stereotypes.  Graffiti has become a permanent part of our cities. It has become the background, creating an urban atmosphere. For some people graffiti is a  vandalism , for others an expression of artistic talent.

Interesting places in the world based on the influence of art


Gardens by the Bay


“Gardens by the Bay”, are one of the largest and most unusual garden projects in the world. The planned area is up 101 acres, which will include reclaimed land in the center of Singapore at the same marina. They have to be a place of relaxation for local residents and tourist attraction. gardens were created in the intention of raising the profile of the metropolis and the fulfillment of the vision – Singapore – Garden City.

Grant Associates designed the unusual gardens in Singapore, part of which was officially opened to the public June, 2012.

British designers drew inspiration from the fancy shapes of orchids. The project represents a fusion of nature with humanity, based on modern technology and the environment, a place where you can find endangered species of plants.


Groznjan – City of Artists


It is a small city with great cultural significance, not only in Croatia, but also abroad.

In 1965 Grožnjan was declared a city of artists, thanks to numerous artistic events and artists who came here to live and create. Artists living in old homes that were given into the care to prevent the extinction of the city.

The town of Bregenz Austrian

Bregenz Festival, held in July and August is an extraordinary cultural and artistic event who have a significant role in the city’s image



At this stage of my work, I still have a lot to do
how far I have three positive responses in connection with interviews. I’m still waiting for answers from other art museums, and the University of Bristol.

In the coming days, I intend to re-visit Bristol, and do more photos and interviews,

Bristol – my pics from goole

Untitledmshed bristol copy

Untitledfd copy

Untitledc copy

Untitledbb copy

Untitledb2 copy



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