City Regeneration, interview and photography

Key stage of the project…interview and photography

Meeting with the actor Marius Kielczewski, and artist Alexandra Lucas

Preparing material for the project, I spent the whole of last week very actively, the most positive aspect of my work was a visit to Bristol where I met many nice people and I visited interesting places associated with the development and regeneration of the city.

I photographed the districts, which do not have a good reputation, but considering the fact of artistic development in these regions of the cities they became very popular. Artists whom I met in Bristol told me that their main goal is adoption of uncultivated space by changing their destiny. Thanks to this in many neighbourhoods arise new clubs and associations; art shops and cafes, where everyone can take part in workshops acting or just learn the easy steps Charleston dance.

About all these changes that are happening in Bristol I found out from Marius and Alex, they agreed to give me an interview. Alex invited me to her shop and home, she told me about how she started her career, Alex was telling also about how important it is that the art was available for the whole society, – the visibility of art on the streets gives you the opportunity to reach out to the larger amount of people than in galleries. Marius turned out to be an excellent guide to the artistic network in Bristol, he told me how this city helped him get back to acting.

I talked with many other people, but I decided that Alex and Marius would be my main artists for the interviewed. Their stories are very different but have a common denominator -city of Bristol; I chose them because they are an example of how the city affects the development of artists who have a positive impact on the regeneration of the city.

My pictures from  Bristol

alex copy Alexandra Lucas





DSC03330 copy  Marius Kielczewski


535880_528969250476005_1881869300_n 19816_528968893809374_704296025_n




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