The truth is that the light is in photographing the most important.

Light, brings out the color, shape and texture of the picture, and never shows the same object in the same way.

Light is the single most important element in  this photography, This photograph reminds concerts in the concert hall or scene in the theater, drama and sharpness of light focused attention ., the reflection in the water gives a sense of space in a closed dark tunnel.

Photograph by Gordon Gahan   


Gordon W. Gahan left Columbia University in 1962 to devote his life to photography. Within three years, he became the youngest bureau chief in UPI history, covering the city of Minneapolis. In 1967 he was drafted by the United States Army and volunteered for photo assignments in Vietnam.

Photographs Gahan shot for the Army Digest depicted men at the front lines of war. During his tour, some of his images were sold to Time and Newsweekunder assumed names. He received two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart in less than a year.

Gahan began working for the National Geographic Society in 1969. During his years with the Society, he photographed 16 major articles and five books. He received numerous awards for excellence, including Picture of the Year in 1973. And his work graced the cover of National Geographic many times. He was an extremely sensitive photographer who believed in pictures that were revealing but not invasive.

Gordon Gahan died in a helicopter crash in 1983.




Lightning strikes the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in downtown on June 12, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. A massive storm system with heavy rain, high winds, hail and possible tornadoes .

Photograph by Scott Olson


This photograph caught my attention because of the colour’s of this light and lightning’s, photographer grasped dramatic moments in a very spectacular way, looking at the photographs that I do not associate it as a weather disaster but rather a demonstration of forces of nature and the beauty of natural and artificial light

Currently based in Chicago, Illinois Scott has over 15 years experience shooting editorial, corporate, and public relations assignments as a staff and freelance photographer. He has shot, edited and coordinatedme in salvador coverage for professional, and collegiate sporting events, disasters, personal tragedies, features, portraits, and corporate and industrial images for an international list of clients.

Scott works in 35 mm, 6X6 as well as digital media. He is comfortable working with remote C41 darkroom facilities for film clients. He has the ability and equipment to transmit images for film and digital clients. He has a BA in English/journalism. He served 8 years in the military (4 years in the Marines and 4 years in the National Guard).



,,Deheros,,  Gaby FeyUnderwater photography is quite a task, which is why I have chosen this photo because in my opinion water and light gives an interesting effect, light can lie in the water, capturing the illusion of a reflection.


Pinewood Studios is one of the most popular places associated with the British cinematic industry.

Pinewood Studios has a huge tank filled with 1.2 million liters of water. Brought to life in 2005, the studio has gained the sympathy of the largest film studios as well as independent artists.

Phoebe Rudomino



Phoebe Rudomino is a commercial diver and underwater photographer based at the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios, the only facility of its kind in the world. She specialises in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature films, TV and commercials. This photograph was taken during a shoot for a commercial and was part of ’Water on the Lens’, an exhibition of underwater set photographs taken at Pinewood which took place at County Hall on London’s Southbank in 2009.




Shadow is the only weapon in the fight against the dictatorship of the sun. Pictures with the use of shadow inspire me very much and shows that the shadow in the photograph is the second reference level.

The first is the light and the saturation. From when I realized that the picture should be saved either something in the shadows as well as light and yet also something in between, my photography has become even more difficult to do. I needed more time to assess the correct process. Maybe this was the reason why \ street photography \ so quickly defeated me …? I had to spend a lot of time to study and spread what I wanted to be in the frame. While I wanted to do it right …



Abendmahl by artofdan


3e6pa by Vadim Lega



Portrait is by far the most popular subject for shooting. And it’s not just about the work of professionals or amateur photographers more consciously. People most often in everyday life doing  portrait of their loved ones. Portrait popularity lies in the fact that it is a form of photography is most closely connected with the emotional sphere of human. Proper use of light in portrait photography allows you to extract a person’s character, and place it in the appropriate environment.


 Patrick Brosset






Many painters have exhibited a fascination with red hair. The colour “titian” takes its name from Titian, who often painted women with red hair. Early Renaissance artistSandro Botticelli‘s famous painting The Birth of Venus depicts the mythological goddessVenus as a redhead

vogue china 2

These photos are from an opulent editorial in Chinese Vogue [2007], and were inspired by Renaissance beauty — I’ve tried to pair the photos with Renaissance paintings that have a similar vibe…










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