alternative processes in photography

I’m not a big fan of alternative processes in photography, but recently after the workshop with a pinhole camera, I started to wonder deeper over this form, my reflection….


There are photographers who think that it is enough to have a pinhole camera and each photo it will be the work done . This of course is a misunderstanding . The camera is just a tool , not a goal in itself . Why do most pinhole photographs , taken by various photographers , are similar to each other ? Therefore , the photographers forget about the fact that the camera is just only a tool , not a goal .

The most important facts in the pinhole photograph

Extremely long exposure times . Unseen visual enjoyment . Intuition and experience , practice and learning. An interesting experiment . The memory of form, that image is the most important value . Fun in the light and perspective effects . Mystery photos. The simple design of the camera. Light entering the picture. Photography arising almost automatically. By the end is not controlled image , to which we have become accustomed modern technologies . A moment of contemplation. All these factors tend photographers to use a pinhole camera






 „Uncertainty of presentation” by Marianna Michałowska is a book on photography, but from different perspective that we could await form the contemporary world 

At a time when the world spreading the digital transition , as more and more people use a mobile phone, more like a portable computer than a device for calling (built-in digital camera , gprs , fast Internet connection, TV , radio, mp3, etc. ) and the photograph begins to more closely associated with the digital picture available to display than with traditional photo paper , I find it in the library a relatively new book about the problems ( crisis ) present in the photograph , book talks about little unpopular pinhole photography is a modified version of the scientific work -title  ” Uncertainty Present ,” and was written by Marianne Michalowska .

The book included are considerations of light , time and sign in the photo , all three based philosophical , theoretical foundations: the semiotics of Charles Sanders Peirce , the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl , Derrida’s deconstruction .

Topics appearing in this book are quite rare in the literature , they are quite innovative

” Uncertainties Performances” begins in the late sixties , speaks of terminology , the crisis of representation , associated with art – culture , social phenomena , and many of the basic philosophical theories .

The deepening crisis has led , through many studies and theories , and to the birth of a new kind of criticism, based on an attempt to change the way the interpretation of a literary text and visual representation ( painting, photography , advertising )

The basic question is , Are we still grapple with the problem of the crisis of representation ? This question becomes the keynote for further consideration . In this book the described problem is a lack of authenticity in the digital representation

This book is quite difficult for me to understand, but I think that I understood the message the author is trying to suggest, that  pinhole photography as a medium, it becomes a reliable reflection of reality.





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