A Secret Between Us – Hong Kong

Award-winning film society in bringing the best of East Asian cinema to the UK. … ‘

A Secret Between Us’ (Hong Kong, 2013)

This film is a story about two persons  Bobo and Ken  it is rather a story of their past, Memory take them to the teenage years and shows the difficult situations , family reveals struggle with illness and poverty.

This film takes us into the past showing problems and soon after we return to the present, where the two friends,  try to resolve the misunderstanding between them .

Around them is a romantic atmosphere, they are at the wedding of his friends everything seems very dramatically romantic

Even the city seems to be presented in such colors …

As for me it is quite far-fetched story prostitute and her boyfriend like Romeo and Juliet, they try to fix the lost and forbidden love which still does not make sense because they already and so have different commitments.

This movie disappoint me, it is possible that I do not understand this cinema, I am trying to find any positives for this film,.

I can only say that the director takes a very problematic themes as  poverty, prostitution, crime, they are a very serious words, but in such a form of communication I can not accept this, and so far I can not watch anything else in the same style.




“Last Love on Earth”

I decided to describe this movie, because it’s one of the movie who really dissapoint me

…same as the  film above

” Last Love on Earth” one of these images , in which the trailer turned out to be a whole lot better than the 88 minute film .

The more I think about “Last Love on Earth” , the more uncomfortable feelings accompany me . And even a great role Ewan McGregor is not one the joy . This film is not for me interesting stories , it is not reflective picture of the fate of man. In the end, it ‘s not even a movie about love ( and I had the impression that that’s what he wanted director ) . Unnecessary , wordy about the content of the voice of the narrator , trivial dialogues and screenplay without a word . This is how I would rate this picture . I realize that this is not the assessment of complex, but in the case of the film, which complicated it is not, it can not be different.

The director draws ahead doomsday scenario begins with the loss of people following senses : smell, taste , hearing, vision eventually . This is a story in which weave the fate of the two heroes. Beautiful epidemiologist and cook. A couple fall in love , their relationship is portrayed as a compound based on a deep fascination with feelings and desires.

I suspect the director  wanted to show love as a feeling which can not be overcome and which remains with us until the end .




Because I was disappointed with the Asian cinema, I decided to look for a movie who I liked and I found ..

,,A MOMENT TO REMEMBER,,  (directed by Lee Jae-han, Korea, 2004)

“A Moment To Remember” is the Korean equivalent of the famous American squeezer of tears “Love Story” by Arthur Hiller, 1970. Except that, as in the case of most of the Korean “remixes” of Hollywood films, the convention of melodrama brought to perfection. Director of the film shows the tragic love between suffering from Alzheimer’s disease Sun-jin and a handsome Cheol-su, you can see here a lot of excitement and thrills that the hardest heart melt like snow tough spring. Lee Jae-han masterfully balances between poignant emotion, cruelty inexorable, progressive disease and crystalline beauty of feelings connecting heroes. Despite my dislike for Asian cinema, I grant that this movie has left a very positive feelings.







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