Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky


New most expensive photograph in the world. Andreas Gursky

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The most expensive hotel in the world – since today is the Rhine II, which came from the hands of Andreas Gursky . Photograph showing the Rhine, sold for exactly 4 338 U.S. $ 500 during the auction at the auction house Christie’s .

Rhine II is the second Gursky photograph , which can boast the title of ‘ the most expensive in the world ‘ . Previously, it was a photo of 99 Cents , In general , it’s hard to understand the principles which governed the art market , the photographic market in particular and few people would be able to clearly explain.

most expensive photograph in the world ‘ was created in a similar way in which most of the images created Gursky . Photographer uses digital manipulation to create a broad panoramas and views, in which there are huge spaces with millions of details. The huge size , everyday presented in such a specific way , and said detail make it from the pictures hard to look away when we see them live .






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