Eric Lusito

Eric Lusito

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Traces of the Soviet Empire

In his first project “Traces of the Soviet Empire” Eric Lusito addresses the way history is fabricated. He has travelled as an archaeologist throughout the former Soviet world from East Germany to Mongolia, from Poland to Kazakhstan, in search of these military bases that embodied the ambition and the might of the USSR and his photographs are an extraordinary record.

These now decaying military buildings and structures, sites hidden for so long which formed the very heart of the Soviet system, with their symbols of the all-powerful Soviet Empire once seemingly inviolable, illuminate and inform our understanding of the power and influence the military held over the people of the Soviet bloc countries, and in turn they reflect the decay of the Empire itself. Ruins of a recently defunct civilization, these sites of power are doomed to disappear in the course of time. The military departed but much else was just left behind.


Twenty years after the collapse of the USSR, “Traces of the Soviet Empire” is a long term project at the border of documentary and art photography and the images a reflection on power and the passage of time


Eric Lusito (b. 1976) Italy , for many years he living in France. He made a unique series – photograph album ,,Traces of the Soviet Empire ,,(2009 ) with more than a hundred illustrations and  historical introduction from prof. Francis Conte .

This album shows the moment after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s and  capture a special time and the historical context and spiritual atmosphere .



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