John Burke and Simon Norfolk: Two look at Afghan war

Simon Norfolk

is a very talented driven young photographer who is pursuing one of life’s big questions with intensity and focused intention. He is studying war, and its effects on many things: the physical shape of our cities and natural environments, social memory, the psychology of societies, and more.

He is examining genocide; imperialism; the interconnectedness of war, land and military space; and how wars are being fought at the same time with supercomputers, satellites, outdated weapons and equipment, people on the ground, intercepted communications, and manipulated and manipulating media.




John Burke and Simon Norfolk: Two look at Afghan war

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John Burke (1843-1900) was one of the first photographers who documented the conflict in Afghanistan today, however, is still unknown. His journey in those regions in the period 1878-1880, during the Second Anglo-Afghan War, resulted in a series of photographs showing the then city people living there, the landscapes and the battlefield, and British officers.

Burke photographs were the inspiration for Simon Norfolk, who more than 100 years later, in October 2010, he traveled in the same areas. His contemporary (digital) photographs of today’s conflicts are a response to the nineteenth-century work of John Burk. Norfolk is trying to find the original location of the pictures of his predecessor or looking for their modern equivalents. The photographs shows the destroyed buildings, local people, soldiers, embassy staff or Internet cafes and wedding halls. Simon Norfolk – was born in 1963 in Lagos, Nigeria . He studied at the universities of Oxford and Bristol. The winner of numerous competitions and awards, including Infiniti Award ICP (New York, 2004) and Prix Dialogues ( Arles , 2005). His work is published regularly in magazines “New York Times ” and ” The Guardian Weekend” and exhibited in museums and galleries in Shanghai , Moscow and London.

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