portrait of a child

Universal image of motherhood in the lens Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci for the past 10 years, since she became a mother of twins, has created an intimate and universal document. In the series of photographs “Mother” author captures the whole spectrum of emotions. Elinor Carucci photographs in color, because this type of photography for a warmer, more expressive.

uniwersalny-obraz-macierzynstwa-w-obiektywie-elinor-carucci elinor-carucci-16

I had a chance to watch the pictures in the photo gallery in London, they seem to be a very personal record, for me a little too explicit.



Viktoria Sorochinski

“Anna and Eve” is a long-term photographic project. A series of photos is embedded between fantasy and document. All the scenes are set to reveal the true relationship of mother and daughter. “Anna and Eve,, in a special way  shown – the boundary between a child and an adult woman is blurred in a very high degree. Young mother seems to be more of a child than her 3-year-old daughter. Very often it is difficult to tell who held the power and control in the relationship, who learned to be human in this world


Viktoria Sorochinski is Ukrainian, who lived and studied in Russia. Now her home is New York. In the photo series “Anna and Eve” was presented at exhibitions in many countries and released as an album. Viktoria Sorochinski has won prestigious international photographic competitions.

anna-i-ewa-poruszajacy-cykl-ukrainskiej-fotograf anna-i-ewa-viktoria-sorochinski-6


the difference between the two arts:

Elinor Carucci seems to me to fight with the recognition of motherhood , shows discomfort.

Photography of  Viktoria Sorochinski are more dreamy, actually  she it’s very childish,

Pictures does not have the attitude of an adult.







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