“Side Effects” photo book –


“Side Effects”

Kacper Kowalski is one of the most famous representatives of aerial photography.

The author of the album “Side Effects”, winner of the World Press Photo 2014



Sandomierz in Poland, 2010-06-06, Cemetery in the village Sobow near Sandomierzdn23783-2_300



Album “Side Effects” is the culmination of the exhibition of the same name, at the Leica Gallery in Warsaw. It’s a wonderful journey to the source of the difficult relationship between man and the environment.


In the pictures you can see how people are changing their environment and how the environment is opposed to the interference of man. The album is filled with unusual patterns captured from the air. Photographer presents at their pictures meadows, fields, forests, but also elements artificially fit into the landscape by man.

The album consists of 132 pages, there are 80 photographs. At first I thought it was poorly composed, because the front cover is rotated 180 degrees to the rear and vice versa. I did not know how to watch this album. It made ​​me feel uncomfortable., I realized that only depends on me how I’ve been watching these images.  It’s an interesting form of interaction with the album

pictures have  GPS data info , so you can easily see where they were taken.

Cover: coated with a thermosensitive substance monochromatic thermoactive. Under the influence of touch hands emerge slowly fragments of photographs. You can impress upon it their own hands and shape the photographed landscape, which, however, may disappear after a while.







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