task 4

1- Returning to the Easter job ,  and Looking at the photographs taken by Erwin Olaf I see how much I have yet to learn , for example, I am doing large errors in exposure

In photography, the term ” exposure ” is one of the most commonly used . However, I usually use it ” by feel ” , not wondering what it exactly means . Meanwhile, the understanding of the rules governing the exposure has a profound effect on the recorded image .

Aperture is used to limit the amount of light passing through the lens , the shutter allows to determine accurately the time of exposure . The combination of these two factors gives us a parameter , which we call the exposure photos .

The next problem that I solved the , during the course of this module is self-confidence in choosing light , studio lighting and natural . Although I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to set uo my  camera , on the other hand, I feel very comfortable with assimilation of knowledge of studio lighting

By the Joint discussing and presenting photos, I have learned how to look at photographs from a distance, the common debate about the photograph allows me to broaden my  horizons and constructive criticism allows me to have greater ambitions.

Summarizing everything that I was making in this module, all the exercises were very helpful in understanding my own mistakes, I understood that there are many possibilities for solving problems in the photograph. This is not always true that the lack of equipment is an obstacle to achieving the desired result


2- My practice has developed during this module, particularly in areas associated with the image composition, lighting technology and most importantly, in search of inspiration.

The issue of seeking inspiration for me is disputed. Some prefer to preview, other photographers, definitely worth to go up and observe the work of artists better than us.

There are also those who believe that it is better not to look at the achievements of others. In my opinion the best to use common sense. Definitely not worth it to break the rules and exceed the following limits of the same defiance. I think that you should draw inspiration from everything I think that the greatest masters do not create anything without these impulses.

The next factor in who I really like in this module is group work

According to the saying, “Two heads are better than one”, group work is used primarily to those whose work requires a lot of creativity.

One of the obvious advantages of working together is the division of activities and responsibilities. Everyone gets the task to be performed, for which it is responsible, so that together can lead projects, which one person would not be able to achieve alone.

So if you’re part of the team, you can not only participate in large projects, but also the job done faster, work smarter and more efficiently with the support of other members of the team. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge, using the experience and skills of others.


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