Final letter

I am writing this letter with the hope that at some time I’ll be able to read it to remember what once was important for me and what is important to me now.

I want to always remember what gravitated me to starting study at the University and how I view my photographs in relation to the knowledge I gained so far.  I want to always remember about the fact that photography is for me something special. Form that can stop time, enchant the moment and perfectly reproduce it.

Memories tend to be unreliable and the details unnoticeable. Photography is a time machine who brings us to the important moments for us, lets you feel the same emotions and feelings that accompanied us on the date when the picture was made.

I am writing to myself these few words to remember that images can take many forms. Sometimes I try to make a photograph of the soul and then you can call it a kind of art, sometimes they are just family photos that can be put into the album. I learned that taking pictures is pure fun, and there is nothing unprofessional in this form.

When I started my first project I was very focused on the technical side of the photograph, from the time my relationship with my photograph have changed considerably and is now more relaxed . I started to turn more attention to the moment in the picture, where you can show the small stuff, imperceptible, so that they become more visible. By this I present my feelings and what seems to me to be particularly important.


The whole last year was difficult for me, I could not always take the time to research when I needed. I realize that the next stage will not be easier for me. I could never separate the passion to photograph from life and work in the schematic layout.

I believe that the secret of happiness is to realize its own vision and development in this direction.

That’s what fascinates me in the photography , each session every object, every model is different; require extraordinary flexibility, reflection and ingenuity.


I must also say to myself that,  my negative attitude to work in the darkroom was very wrong, in the beginning I saw no sense to bother with the process. I was very digital photographer, but by knowing the various alternative forms of photograph my opinion has changed.

Now I know how much I was limited mainly using a digital camera, now I know that, the form of the photographic process must match the theme of the photograph.

I hope that I will no longer be limited in such a stupid way which is to eliminate other forms of art and not taking care of my own experience by experimenting with different forms of photograph.

Finally, I would like to wish myself bigger confidence in my own opinion and views, and above all to have more time to experiment with photography


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