My Artifact

Anna Wegner her photograph has inspired me and became my first kind of artifact.

I mention this because after seeing her photos I decided to do my own first attempts .

Anna Wagner is not really a famous fashion photographer, but her approach to photograph suits me very well .

Anna Wegner trained as a psychologist. After several years of working in the profession she took up photography

the photograph are atmospheric and emotional , is due to its early close contact with other people and interests in the complexity of human psychology of emotions.

The theme of the picture is femininity , which is never straightforward.

In my opinion , it is the considered to Photographer lead model that she could she discovered her hidden nature . Spectrum of femininity is very wide : from sensual temptress , demon queen night after a sweet baby- doll . Putting in the photo the true nature of women is a difficult task , I hope that someday I can get to achieve it .


wegner-08 wegner-02 wegner-05Anna Wagner

and here are my photographs –  rather attempts to create images in which femininity is the dominant feature

1395434_10200215170096668_263552041_n My model is a single mother, she is very maternal but also has a very tough character. She not only fights in the ring but also every day i1380032_10200215595667307_617191546_n 998309_10200215594307273_763790787_n



1239617_626779027361693_542319390_nIn these pictures I wanted to show that a woman is in contact with nature, I chose spring weather and natural surroundings to give to understand that a woman is connected with the creation of a new life.

1239750_626777650695164_1664473903_n 1005510_626779977361598_1948670494_n 5878_589167634456166_1530611979_n



549613_454570644582533_1151394412_nIn my opinion, to show femininity in the picture, you should look for imag of emotions arise  in relationship between women and men

556554_454569974582600_2120361687_n  575024_454570587915872_1223035720_n 484523_454570374582560_1970881248_n 431065_454570217915909_43909506_n




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