The exhibition ” Roads to Freedom ”

The exhibition ” Roads to Freedom ” tells the story of the years 1956-1989. The former Gdańsk Shipyard . Lenin in Gdańsk in August 1980 was born the “Solidarity ” – social and political movement that awakened in Polish society hope to fulfill the dream of independence.


The exhibition ” Roads to Freedom ” tells the story of the people who were trying to realize the dream of sovereignty Poles living under communism .

At the exhibition you can see multimedia presentations , which show is the atmosphere of the 80s , and consequently events marked the beginning of the fall of communism . You can hear fragments of the original recordings of the negotiations and songs . On the slides are displayed episodes of the strike

an important place for the exhibition is the presidential table , where the negotiations were held with representatives of the strikers Polish government and where the famous August Agreements were signed on 31 August 1980

Everything here is authentic : table, chairs , tables with the demands of historical , pen what Lech Walesa signed an agreement , and even the cross and the flag, which hung shipyard workers at the beginning of the strike.

This exhibition exerted a huge impression on me because it shows a part of our national history and shows how the rise of Solidarity contributed to the overthrow of the Communist regime .


At the show I looked Chris Niedenthal photographs

Chris Niedenthal – photographer, master of photography, documentary. Born and raised in London, where he graduated from photographic studies at the London College of Printing. For the Polish hit in the 70s and remained there to this day.

He has collaborated with the biggest titles of the world press as “Der Spiegel”, “Geo” or “Stern” “Newsweek” and “Time magazine”.

Photography by Chris Niedenthal is a photo essay of the events of contemporary history – images of reality, the shadow of the truth and document everyday life. He is the author of the most characteristic images of the time war communism in Poland.


download images images (1)

During my visit to Poland, I was able to enter into a repair yard – Shipyard Gdańs and do some photos. Here is some examples of my photograph

DSC09984 DSC09952 DSC09946 DSC09917 DSC09914 DSC09935 DSC09992 DSC09956 DSC09949 DSC09931





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