task , take a photo of portraits of unknown people and people known to You

In my opinion,  the photographer must have big talent and skill of dialogue with the subject. In the process of creating good portrait photography , certainly technical knowledge is very important , but most important is a psychological approach to the subject.

The photographer should be able to create an atmosphere of freedom , relaxation and confidence , photographed person instead of the camera needs to see the photographer as a friend , a person who can trust .

Definitely it is easier to capture the pictures of close friends and pictures of people unaware that they are photographed .

I believe that the best portraits are formed when the person being photographed does not know exactly in which moment I press the shutter button. I often take photo after photo, first image – feint , after which the portrayed person thinks ” it’s already done” , and when that person no longer tense waiting to do this , then I am doing a successful portrait photographs , a person looks naturally and freely. Always before I start to take pictures , I ‘m talking with people whom I want to photograph . Simple and honest conversation is sometimes the key in establishing a friendly relationship with the object of shooting.

When I talk about the pictures with my friends , I often hear about ,, photogenic ,, actually I wonder what it means, and whether such concept exists in the portraits photograph. I can only say that for me ,, photogenic ,, it means the person photographed has the skills to be very relaxed and not stressed by the presence of the camera.

Not every person has such  features , so the photographer should be able to create such atmosphere.

I think that every photographer who deals with portrait has its own ways to achieve this relaxation atmosphere , I dream to possess such skills , because taking pictures of people really fascinates me . My definition of a portrait is definitely the truth and naturalness .


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