250MC – Placing Photographic Practice in Context – Main theme of the project , My ,,Masters,,

My main theme of the project is the location of Hillfields in Coventry due to the historical relations of this place – production of ribbons , silk and textiles.

Due to the diversity of use Ribbon in the world of fashion I found this artefact as a leading in this topic , so I want to make a photo session -fashion photography, with the use of ribbons.

The implementation of the idea of this,, ribbons-fashion photography,, has forced me to reflect on my skills  as fashion photographer. I do not have experience in this field , so certainly, it  will be difficult to perform this task.

My first research led not to photograph of Andreas Stavrinides

Very abstract style of his pictures drew my attention, It may be that because  his professional experience contributed to the effects of his work, it is worth to remember that the experience and knowledge of what we gain in various fields enhances our creativity.

Andreas Stavrinides studied Sociology and Art History before turns into photography, his specialization is undoubtedly a fashion. On his website he shows the work done for the most important fashion magazines.

its motto is QUOTES  “We understand the light from the quality of the shadow That it makes”

stravrinides-1 stravrinides-3 stravrinides-5 stravrinides-8




At this task , I looked through the many books and magazines as inspiration and the source of the idea on my own pictures.

In many cases I met with repeatability k of ,,posing models,, and also models clothes refers to the ribbons and silk.

http://www.rps.org, The journal RPS volume 154 number 8, 2014

Cathleen Naundof

Cathleen Naundorf studied painting and photography in the 1980s.
,,She traveld since the early 90 ies for renowned publishing houses around the world.. Specialized on photoreportage and fascinated by ethnic groups, she worked with indian tribues like the Yanomami In Amazonia , with the Mongols and Kazakhstanis in the altai mountains or with the shamans in Yakutia, Sibiria. 
Living and working in France, she started 1997 photographing backstage Paris fashion shows for Condé Nast,,
2005 to 2011 Cathleen Naundorf  has worked on a series called  “Un rêve de mode” , focusing on couture houses like Chanel, Dior, Gaultier, Valentino, Saab, Lacroix and Philip Treacy.
Since 2000 she is working with large format cameras for her shootIngs , using mostly Polaroid  or negativ films .
Cathleen Naundorf is working since 2011 privatly with Mr. Valentino Garavani on several projects, like “
An italian story “ or ” The NY City Ballet “
Her work got published in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Condé Nast.  from http://www.cathleennaundorf.com/biography.php

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 00.21.22 Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 00.21.09 Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 00.20.55

Cathleennaundorf.com, (2014). Cathleen Naundorf | Gallery. [online] Available at: http://www.cathleennaundorf.com/gallery

Portraits of the British cinema: 60 glorious years, 1925-1985 – January 1, 1986

Virginia McKenna by Cornel Lucas 1954


 Jean Simmons, Hamlet 1948 by Wilfird Newton

NPG x34532; Merle Oberon in 'The Private Life of Don Juan' by Tunbridge

Merle Oberon in ‘The Private Life of Don Juan, by Tunbridge, 1934

Fashion Photography

This  book traces the history of fashion photography from its origins. Approximately 500 illustrations chart its birth and development in the 1930s and 1940s, its rebirth in the period following the Second World War, British Style in the Sixties, then the Seventies and Eighties, right up to the present day.

Grassy, E. (2011). Fashion photography. Florence, Italy: SCALA Group.

photography from the book :

John French

DSC05983 copy

Pierre-Louis Pierson

DSC05975 copy

Madame d’ora

Uploaded on 25 Apr 2011 by Jane Burden Morris

Dora Kallmus “Madame d’Ora” Viena 1881 – Frohnleiten 28.10.1963

DSC05981 copyMadame d’ora 





Uploaded on 15 Sep 2011 by trendhype

directed by christian borth
edited by florent petitfrere
Photography by Christian Borth http://www.christianborth.com
Make-up by Kasia Furtak http://www.kasiafurtak.com
Hair by Shuko Sumida http://www.shukosumida.com
Models Nala, Kersti, Marine and Victoria at Slides, Alisa at City, Arthur, Martin and Quentin at MGMMusic”I’ll Meet You There” by Henrik José, Markus Wasikkaoja

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 01.30.46


Christian Borth was born in Germany where he studied photography, then travelled to Paris on a fellowship making the city his basecamp. Photography, he says, is his soundtrack.
While specializing in fashion and beauty his remarkable eye for capturing landscape only adds to his dazzling photographic arsenal.



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