fashion photography Practice in Context

I met repeatedly with the opinions that fashion photography is boring . The only thing to watch in magazines are photos from the studio . Nothing of value , only one and the same , non-stop . Skinny girl , white background , some appropriate clothes pinned , so you could not see the bone and that’s it . There is no doubt that the fashion world has its own rules , which are difficult to be assessed. The same is true with photography that allows us to present the reality of what is or is not …

In a very short time I made a couple of photo shoots and I addictive to this , not only of specialists from the industry but also my family and a friend . Organization is the key , time is extremely valuable especially when between makeup and doing photos you need to do lunch for family and a thousand other things. So as I mentioned time and organization is a key star at work.

from behind the scene:

DSC06641 copy DSC06627 copy DSC06637 DSC07547 copy DSC05385 copy DSC05394 DSC05718 DSC02821 copy DSC04862 copy

I tried to be inspired by the canons of the fashion photograph , but in practice my models are not bony girls, but the median age women with luggage life experiences. My choice was probably due to the fact the easier to me to make contact with someone at my age and with similar experiences of life.

My photography consists of two styles, I shared the photo session on old-style photograph in the location, and modern photo session in the studio. I spent a lot of time on learning how to edit and retouch and I remained still a lot to learn.

A very important issue is also suitable cropping pictures that you could put them in a fashion magazine. Recently constructive opinion on the sexual overtones of one of my photograph made me realize that I should, have more control over the behavior of the model.

To be a fashion photographer, you need to be a good organizer, have good relationships with people at work, and I also you need to be a demanding boss.

My final work

front & back page copy

2,3 smoolpage copy

10,11 ddpage

8,9 page



DSC07585_pp copy

DSC07612_pp copy

DSC05045org sscopyDSC04785ok copy DSC04894 copy


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