publications by Neil Postman

Postman wrote 18 books and over 200 articles for magazines and newspapers, most well-known work of Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death (translated into eight languages and sold more than 200 thousand copies worldwide), His work shows a historical overview of the media and tells of the fall of the media and communication…. what would happen if the television imagery were replaced by the written word….

Postman is based on the theories of Marshall McLuhan, which connects it with the belief in technological determinism that is, the view that technical progress determines the direction of the development of civilization and culture

McLuhan had wide publicity in the 60s with his works and statements on media and communications. He said that humanity is entering a “information age” and the electronic media, especially television, have created the …. a  global village, in which “the medium is the message” (nature of the communication has a greater impact on the reader than a given message). Today is considered to be one of the greatest theoreticians of mass communication

And so, following the Macluhanem, Neli Postman argues that different media are suitable for different types of knowledge and describes how the culture based on speech, writing and television transmit information in a different way.

Presented by Postman television critic can serve as an excellent reference point for a critical analysis of the various broadcasting practices and the impact of media on public discourse. This criticism has its limitations. First, the image of the media is based on a significant reduction, Postman completely ignores the cinema and on the radio “can not cope”. Due to the time in which it was written, the book does not take into account the expansion of the Internet.  Second,it is  relate principally to the American television  and commercial interests subordinated show business. They do not include, firmly established in Europe, the idea of public television, which will hold a social mission, put more emphasis on educational content and promote democracy.


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