Ethics of the Truth

Images and total truth

The classic definition of truth is rooted in antiquity, is associated Aristotle and states that, true judgments compliance with the real state things who these judgments concern.

Today, the concept of truth has lost its original meaning because it is difficult to find the truth in words and images.
We are dealing with examples of the lack of truth, lies, deceit, manipulation and fiction. We are desperate and helpless because our world fills the illusion of truth.

Associating with a photographic image, we believe in the world that exists in the image, it allows our eyes to capture the existence of the situation and environment in which photo was made.

We Should consider whether the statement of true is real …all of us communicate this same information in a different way, especially when creating an image, description, or reportage … everyone can tell the same story in different ways, so I thing the total truth is not existing.

Sample pictures

The winning photo in the contest the World Press Photo of the Year 2012. Paul Hansen

paul-hansen-palesitnians (1)

Perfectly cropped photo reportage, where each element is perfectly captured and illuminated, it may be controversial – doubts. The photo shows Palestinians carrying the bodies of the dead children, photo was heavily Lighting adjusted so as to give a dramatic effect, but the image itself is not a photomontage. I read a lot of debate about whether this photo should be rewarded, for me personally it is not manipulation, because the message of this image and its theme, has been strengthened, but has not been changed.

From the other side I wonder about the ethics of the truth in the displayed image. I do not know whether the truth in the presented photo exists, or is biased by the photographer when he chooses the colors saturation, cropping or lighting.


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