Manipulation of a Photograph

Photos are elements of the article that the author used to build the story,  because of the manner in which interact, they are a powerful tool, that help transmit information in the desired shape by the sender.

Every newspaper and magazine uses photographs to give the information desired meaning. We have to remember that one picture says more than a thousand words.

Very often you can meet retouched images, deliberately altered modified so that the recipient received information designed by the creators of pictures … not necessarily associated with truth.

Samples pictures of photo Manipulation

“The Soviets had to have a whole department to doctor pictures,
 an editor at Vanity Fair and a former director of photography for Life magazine. 
“Now all it takes is a swipe of a mouse, 
and the kid down the street can add smoke and mirrors to everything.” 
quote from David Friend Life magazine


Increasing the amount of smoke in the picture in order to dramatize this image/

an authentic photo, left, of smoke from burning buildings in Beirut suburbs during Israeli air raid and photographer’s manipulated version, right.

By MARIA ASPAN Published: August 14, 2006

14photo_2_190 (1)Brian Walski/Los Angeles Times

The top two photos involving Iraqi civilians by a Los Angeles Times photographer in March 2003 were blended in violation of the newspaper’s policy, and it fired the photographer.


Nope, that’s NOT Oprah. The body you see is Ann-Margaret’s and the person who first noticed was the designer of the dress. – See more at: 16-famous-photos-are-not-what-you-thought 

Manipulation and Propaganda

Reptiles – Lizards People who take over the world…What’s that? it’s probably a joke … maybe so, but has a lot of followers
For over 20 years, David Icke is devoted to the problem of strange ,,people – Lizards,,.

If you do not know who is behind the attack on the duchess Diane, 9/11, the Holocaust – now I know…:)

Theory is ridiculous and absurd, but has a lot of followers, and a few dozen books devoted to this. Pictures of manipulation – a bad photoshop, have many followers who they think that these photos are real.

maxresdefault                                               paul61en hqdefault

Summarizing the issue of manipulation in the pictures …. we must remember, that Photography has a very large power in transmission of information.


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