My aspirations

Art / digital creativity, is a symptom of the time, is the new tool.
Modified and processed images are now everyday life, have they also reflected in the art of large, it is a stand alone part of the whole composition of photographic art.
My aspirations

ryszardhorovitz Magic Rabbit 1992 R. Horovitz – Magic Rabbit 1992

4 Kamuflaz - Kod 3, 2006, solvent, 100 x 150 Kamuflaz - Pixel, 2006, ink jet, 70 x 200M. Pawłowski  Pixel 2006

Mickey_2008_by_OlegDou Oleg_Dou_18

My first attempt to create manipulated images based on photographs found in internet 

maxresdefault (1)


My picks:

DSC06863 copy                        DSC06863c                                               Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 04.36.43Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 04.37.21

DSC06868 DSC06868a copy DSC06875ok edyt podpis


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