Relationships – The theme of my exhibition task 3

Task 3 Relationships; fixed and fluid

Relationships between people it is a very deep subject : what happens between people? what they think about each other, what they feel and how they behave.

It is hard to take pictures to reflect the answers to these questions, especially if we take photographs of our loved ones.

Gabriella Csoszó presents a double portraits of their loved ones.Parents of the artist or herself with her brother are shown with closed eyes.


Emotions between them can be read only with muted gestures and facial expressions in meditation.

Specific expression of the human face with eyes closed configuring them to each other and at the same time distinguishes. This approach, encourages the viewer to reflect, refers to questions about loneliness, trust and interdependence.

Elinor Carucci series of photographs “Mother” encouraged me to undertake this topic from the more personal side.

Series of photographs “Mother” – a very intimate and universal document the author captures the whole spectrum of emotions, her pictures show realism combined with the intimacy of motherhood.

1378749383Carucci_Mother1 mother-2-610x420 MOTHER

Home Truths: ,,Photography and Motherhood  aims to challenge long-held stereotypes and sentimental views of motherhood by addressing issues such as gender roles, domesticity, the body and the identity of individuals within the family unit,,.


I drew attention to the work of Janine Antoni her vision of  motherhood network  has inspired me very much


the Inhabit series in an interview featured on the Art in America Magazine website (

It came to me first as a very simple image. I imagined that a spider had created its web between my legs. As I started to research the process of actualizing this image, things became complicated. Would a spider actually cooperate? How would I remain still in order to facilitate its weaving? After speaking with several entomologists, and learning about the extreme sensitivity of spiders to motion, I looked into getting a harness that would immobilize me. That led me to the world of harnesses, where I found a particular design that enabled me to be attached to a structure from many points on my torso. I realized that my body could be suspended in a way similar to a spider in its web. But I would need to build a cage around my legs in order to keep the spider in that particular area of my body. And it also became apparent that the spider would be too sensitive to build directly on my body due to body heat.

Ana Casas Broda

Photographs of the artist Ana Casas Broda  shed critical light on our sentimental look at the relationship between mother and child. Images which for many can be shocking, are very realistic, the author exposes herself naked at the photography whit combination of everyday motherhood image.

Ana-Casas-Broda---Playroo-001 Ana-Casas-2

In my search I came across a number of artists who show an image of parenthood

Ann Fessler, Tierney Gearon, Fred Hüning, Katie Murray, Hanna Putz

but the most I identify myself with the work of  Timothy Archibald

Main work fo Pb  exhibition –  inspiration

Timothy Archibald – loving father who, photographed autistic son

Living in San Francisco Timothy Archibald photographed everyday life of 5-year-old son Elijah, who is suffering from autism.

Initially, a series of “Echolilia” was supposed to be just a normal photographic document. Over time, it turned out that photographing  his sick son, was a way to cope in this difficult and challenging situations.

Work on the pictures helped the artist to get closer to his son, to make friends with him and understand his world. Timothy Archibald shows the extraordinary, unusual perspective of a hermetic world of a sick child. Photographs are deep, sometimes shrill, but at the same time simple composition. These photos really corresponds to my situation, they are kind of mirror image of my life.




Considering the subject of parenting, I drew attention to the expectations of parents in relation to children, especially to the relationship between father and son. Sometimes it is not possible to even initiate a conversation in this topic because it is very difficult to admit, that even if the child is disabled, the expectations are always there … as well disappointment, anger, and guilt.

Preparing Pictures

The subject of my photographs is very personal, I want to show the relationship between father and son. This is not an easy relationship, because the communication between photographing people is very different from the typical image of the child and the parent.

The job also requires from me a,,Photographic courage,,. I can not hide that what is happening between them, my pictures must be true not changed, is a difficult task, because I always they try to hide my son’s disability.

While I working on photographs I also considering the ethical question … did I have the right to exhibit my son’s disability?

I do not know…., but I certainly do not have the right to hide this. Usually I’m showing retouched pictures of my family, with forced smiles in the beautiful scenery, but my life is not as such a colorful fairy tale. By showing the true picture, I want to also help other parents in accepting the lack of a traditional relationship with an autistic child.

During my work, I also followed the opinion of others, I often read posts on the forums associated with autism

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 05.59.05

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 05.59.31

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 06.01.22


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