Self-portraits- 251MC Picturing the Body

Reflecting on the essence of self-portraits, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that they are one of the most difficult images – both to do and to show.

For me, the true self-portrait is a photograph which show a bit more, it can not be a random photo. Making such pictures requires a lot of courage and a lot of technical Skills.

Maybe it seems that I am exaggerating the matter and self-portrait is nothing extraordinary, everyone does Selfie, however mature sensitive artists portray themselves to reach the depths of they own soul to understand the essence of humanity. This is what separates the daily pictures thrown on Facebook from a self-portrait.

looking at other photographers Vivian Maier we know that, this form of the photograph is very deep metaphor.

Vivian Maier work was discovered after her death, and this is probably the biggest of its kind discovery in recent years.

Her work can be compared with photos of the best street photographers of her time! It’s not just a document about the New York and Chicago town , but also an autobiography written in the self-portraits.

self_portrait VM1955W02770-06-MC VM1954W00130-07-MC VM1954W02936-11-MC

Vivian Maier self-portrait photography shows a complex personality, she does not appear in the frame directly, she shows herself as a reflection.

Throughout her life, Maier worked as a nanny and thanks to that, she had a lot of time and opportunity to use the cameras her Rolleiflex. Vivian took pictures for several years – since the early 50’s, On her negatives found out about 100-200 thousand works. She died in 2009 not knowing about the value of their own work.

Popularization of photography and development of photographic techniques led to the development of many new types of self-portrait for example Selfie

 The famous photo as self-portraits – Selfie

 ,, Selfie,, or the “mirror selfie “ is very much present in social networks, by taking into account the popularity of this type of pictures , a ,,Lowe,, – advertising agency, has prepared a very interesting campaign. They shows photos of famous celebrities as if they were made as Selfie. The campaign promotes the daily newspaper The Cape Times, under the slogan ,,You can not get any closer to the news,,

Williamok-620x443 Tutu-620x443 Sailor-620x443

More madness from Selfie

Selfies in Museum, Mona Lisa is taking a pic 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 00.15.25




Muus Olivia designer had done a series of photographs, while exploring a museum in Copenhagen, I liked how this simple procedure changes the character of the portrayed person, changes the meaning of facial expressions ,it’s very interesting how inconspicuous prop can change the meaning of a portrait.

Ideas for my self portrait composition

Props, places and activities showing our passions, character or profession – it is really a classic, but in the best sense of the word. Each of us can easily find items around them particularly important in some way or defining ourselves, is worth it to use them in the composition, because they allow you to show your own personality and nature.

Looking into the lens as a way to establish direct contact with the viewer. Using this technique you can achieve anything that is trying to be achieved through direct contact with another person: to show an interest, affection, hostility, challenge, ask questions, raise concerns, or even throw the accusation.

Self-portraits in most cases is a form of intimate portraits, and this is a great opportunity for that to save as image ,all sorts of physical and emotional states, including the negative . If we want to show the world the frustration, anger, or sadness, that we can do it using pictures.

Self-portrait can also be a way to show extreme or very intimate emotional states and unusual situations

Photography by Jun Ahn  –

Living on the edge! Photographer perches on cliffs and skyscrapers around the world for extreme self-portraits


article-2599653-1CF0427B00000578-1000_470x708 article-2599653-1CED534A00000578-718_470x630


“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

quote of  Annie Leibovitz

At the end of the deliberations on the self-portrait … I want to say that this is not a easy task to show something about me in a real way,, not disturbed by what I want to hide in everyday life …. my picture is a mix of my values, passion for photograph and family but on the other hand, as you can see I hold my moods at a distance, I prefer to be blurred and invisible.


DSC09625 DSC09632

“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

Annie Leibovitz


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