366MC – Independent Practice: Exploration – 1516AAA

The direction of my work and research will be related with social photography. This expansive topic can navigate different themes, diversity in this subject is a challenge for me, the choice is not easy, but it must be targeted my personality, origin and interests.

In search of inspiration I visit my homeland at the Baltic sea in Poland , during my stay at my grandmother’s house in a small seaside fishing village I have renewed my relationship with my own culture, folk and beliefs of Kashubian tribe.

This experience allowed me go back into childhood and reset my mind. Look in a fresh way at my Photography and I discover my passions in a new context associated with people and their way of being.

At the beginning I wanted to find a foothold, by watching photo books in the library, I found a photograph which caught my attention. Pictures of dancers, artists, people with passion, images that was captured in motion. I began to wonder who these people are, what are their stories.

In the research I met many dancers all of them had a colorful life, but I was looking for something dramatic and different , then quite by accident I heard stories about Catherine.

The first step was the contacts her , but it was very difficult, there was no trust between us. When I was able to meet with Catherine, did not know what to do , did not have even an idea for her story. Everything becomes clear when I drew my attention to the research, looking at other artists, experimented with different forms of photograph.

Most of time I spend on searching information about human passion, I found a lot of reviews and statements that define our bond with passions… as that she defines our identity , makes life more fully and allows us to escape from the depressing reality , and many more.

For some of us it’s just a small part of life a hobby, that do not make much reflected in our existence, but for those who live for their passion prospect of losing her is catastrophic.

Imagine a person who can not devote themselves to their passion, the human individual who loses access to the machinery that drives the meaning of his existence. Let us consider, what is happening in the life of such a person Is there a substitute of passion for them ?

To answer these questions we need to know the identity, structure of these passions, we have to trace the events and know the environments into which they were created.

At the end I can say that the experience of working on a this project , and all my problems associated with it, has shown me that photography does not have to be rigid and stable, sometimes moving image is improved disclosure of information.

My film is not perfect, it has many technical imperfections, but for me the best thing is to have a proper message for the viewer, and what I hope I have achieved.



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