Critical Rationale Independent Practice: Realisation 367M

Critical Rationale


Thinking about my experiences creating the final project I tried to remember that I had met with very high demands on the part of planning my tasks and time.  It was very difficult for me to associate personal situations and time requirements. My pessimistic attitude to work was quite unfounded however during the first stages of doing research on the subject I realised that actually I was well organised. I had plenty of information sources from which I could easily get some inspiration.

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to do a project related to dance as this form of art has always fascinated me.  In my opinion dance is an ancient form of communication and its history closely follows the development of human race.

In connection with my fascination. As a first step I started to talk to my friend Alexandra for whom flamenco and Tango is the best form of expression her femininity. Just by watching her performance I learnt how important is the dance rhythm combine with dancer’s attitude. I took this opportunity and I started taking pictures of her dance for my project. From that moment I began more actively looking for dancers and different variety of dances. I came across a very positive perception for others of my project. I established new relationships with people like designers, dancers, choreographers and photographers. Being surrounded by all of these amazing people and their environment gave me impression of positive opportunities and experiences. However not everything that was happening throughout this project turn out to be as positive as I first had hoped. I encountered many technical barriers such as faulty equipment, time schedules or even bad weather. This turn of event put me through so much stress that I had to change my original plans and I decided to concentrate on studio work and working with Louise. I found his life approach and his passion for dancing very intrigued and from logistical point of view he lived locally which made technical aspects much easier. During preparation I decided to do several photo shoots as I was planning on using talc powder.

The first photo shoot was held in the Coventry University photo studio but it turned out to be too small for dancer to move freely and white backgrounds lost sharpness of the powder in the photo. Another photo session I organised in a dance studio and a theater. I would not be able to complete my project without help and support which I had received from Coventry University.  Despise difficulties met along together I have managed to create desired result.During my work I have met many interesting people who were involved incalled Rwanda Legacy of Hope. They viewed my work and offered me an opportunity of life time – I was asked to travel to Rwanda as a photographer to document their work in helping others.




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